Gigantic speakers are probably taller than you


Take this set of Evolution Acoustics speakers anywhere you need a little extra muscle; the gym, the bar, the back-alley River City Ransom-like brawl, or anywhere else you need a 6-foot, 525-pound buddy to watch your back. Or maybe just leave it at home and use it to listen to music.

Enclosed within the slick wooden housing are two 15-inch woofers, two 7-inch mids, and a 5-inch tweeter on each side. A 1,000 watt amp drives the whole setup so you’re sure to be evicted before the THX promo on your first DVD is finished.

At $50,000, you’ll need to break out your wallet and then break it out again because this set is going to set you back a year’s salary — maybe two or three if you’re a writer.

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