Buddystumbler Combines Social Networking And IM

buddystumbler.jpgBuddystumbler is a newly launched (out of beta) social networking site that focuses on Instant Messaging (IM) contacts.

Users create profiles that include the typical social networking features of photos, descriptions, and interests. Buddystumbler then offers an interface that enables searching of user profiles, interests and location, sort of part Meetro, part Facebook. The search option itself feels more like a dating site, asking whether you’re a guy or gal looking to hook up with a guy or gal (their choice of words), although keyword and tag searches are also available.

Once connecting with someone on Buddystumbler, users can contact their new found friends via a supported chat platform, by leaving a message or giving them a “High 5.” Platforms supported include AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Google.

Sunnyvale based founder Han-Shen Yuan created Buddystumbler to allow “more people to interact with each other, in communicating online,” by which I presume he meant IM. If you’re heavily into instant messaging (and generally speaking that will mean you’re more likely younger than me) Buddystumber may be worth a look.