Microsoft Extends XP Sales To Give Customers More Time To Move To Vista

AP Image of some low level Microsoft employee

Windows Vista hasn’t exactly taken off as Microsoft hoped it would and now it’s been forced to keep XP on store shelves for an additional five months. Originally scheduled to end-of-life in January, you’ll now still be able to buy Vista through June 30. Officially, Microsoft will keep selling XP in order to give people more time to transition from XP to Vista. Sure, I believe that…

Could it be, maybe, that XP is simply better than Vista (and that IT guys, justifiably paranoid they may be, have little to no incentive to change from XP to Vista)? And now that Microsoft lets you downgrade to XP, you do wonder who was in charge of this whole Vista mess.

We’ll see show Apple handles Leopard’s release in a few weeks.

Microsoft bows to pressure on XP [BBC]