Microsoft Extending Windows XP Sales

Due to the fact that Windows Vista just straight up sucks, Microsoft released a statement yesterday stating that they will continue to sell Windows XP until the end of June 2008, adding five months to the previously planned phase out date. The decision comes after multiple complaints from both customers and PC manufacturers about how broken Vista was. Of course, Microsoft didn’t really see it like this and in an attempt to spin the story, said that the top 50 consumer applications now are compatible with Vista.

Ok, possibly true, but it still took how many months until iTunes worked properly? Yeah, thought so.

At least Microsoft admits that it has been “ambitious” with Windows Vista and is sorry that it shortened the time that XP would be available. Don’t want to deal with Vista? You have a little less than a year to either buy XP or buy a Mac. Or you could always use Linux, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Microsoft says to extend XP sales for five months [Reuters]