MySpace Launching Mobile Site

Aren’t you happy there’s MySpace Mobile?

Though I don’t use it anymore, MySpace was once quite the place to pick up chicks on a Wednesday night when all I had was a bottle of cheap vodka and a nice shirt. Now if things are dull at the bar, I can whip out my cellie to use MySpace Mobile, which was launched today by News Corp. Apparently half the world is shocked that the mobile site is ad-supported, which really isn’t a big deal considering the current MySpace site is littered with advertising. You’ll be able to check your profile, view messages, etc. all with your iPhone, RAZR2 or [tag]Sidekick LX[/tag].

News Corp. says it plans on rolling out mobile versions of other properties it owns as well, including a mobile version of Photobucket that will allow uploads from cameraphones. and IGN are also coming into the mobile mix in the next few months, which will surely please gamers and sports fans alike. MySpace Mobile is designed to work on all carriers and most phones, so give it a try next time you go to log on.

Myspace offers ad-supported mobile version [Slashphone]