FileRadar: Find, Share Hot New Games

As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest gamer, but there are few instances where I have to get my hands on a particular game just because it forces me to. Halo 3 is my current obsession, for example. But a lot of times the demos are hard to come by and you have to time it just right so that you get in there and download those games before the servers crash or you’re left scrambling around looking for it elsewhere.

FileRadar, since community-based sites are all the rage, brings a Digg-like strategy to games. While it’s a novel idea, I think this will have the exact opposite effect of what they’re aiming for. Once the community grows like Digg has, those games you’re trying to download are only going to crash harder and faster. I suppose mirrors will pop up and others will host the files, but you can’t always count on that, either. We’ll see how it goes.

FileRadar [via TC]