Mobile Audience Composition from M:Metrics and Admob

admob1.jpgM:Metrics, a mobile media measurement firm, and Admob, the largest mobile advertising firm, released a study today on audience composition for mobile advertising. Research shows that mobile advertising reaches the lucrative and elusive media consumer ages 18-34. This age group makes up 65% of respondents on the AdMob publisher network. The research shows that AdMob’s mobile network delivers broad demographic reach with desirable demographic sub-segments.

Data for the study was collected last quarter from over 2000 mobile sites and shows the diversity of the mobile media audience, which visits a wide range of mobile sites. African-Americans, who make up 6% of the mobile population, visited certain sites in excess of 50% of the traffic. Similar numbers were found for other sub-segments, such as women, Hispanics and others. This indicates that advertising targeting particular populations are effective.

“Brand advertisers can now reach their target audience on mobile phones using sophisticated demographic targeting,” said Omar Hamoui, CEO, AdMob. “By working with M:Metrics and leveraging our vast network audience across the site, carrier and handset level, we now enable advertisers to target their buys in ways that they have come to expect with traditional web advertising. Most importantly, they can reach their audience on the mobile web with scale.”

“Today marks another milestone in the evolution of advertising,” observed Will Hodgman, CEO, M:Metrics. “Since its advent, advertising has sought to reach the individual in a context where she can act on the message. With M:Audit, we’ve moved from reaching eyeballs to grabbing the transacting hand of the individual in the marketplace.”

As advertising becomes more important for mobile service providers, reaching targeted audiences is paramount. If the mobile industry shows that various demographics can be effectively targeted, a larger population of advertisers will be willing to buy space on mobile devices. Similar studies should be conducted in the future to entice more advertising money for the mobile community.