IdeaFestival 2007: Attack Of The Woz

I left his speech early to be sure I was first in line

I was fortunate enough to live out a geek’s dream last night at the IdeaFestival here in Louisville, Kentucky, which is certainly the last place I’d imagine myself meeting such an important icon to geeks worldwide. The Woz aka Steve Wozniak gave a rousing speech about his rise to cult icon from his childhood to the start of Apple. I’m sure it’s all in his book and I’m excited to finally read iWoz. What’s more important was that he finally laid to rest the rumors about himself and Kathy Griffin. Check out the video after the jump plus pics to see his reaction throughout the whole thing. I’m also told that after my little prank no one else was allowed to have anything signed other than his book or the posters they were handing out. FTW!