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Apple Announces One Millionth iPhone Sold

The iPhone Savior

The one million milestone for Apple was due in large part to the $200 iPhone price cut, the media circus surrounding the price cut and the fact that no one on planet earth cared about the $50 price cut on Microsoft’s Zune digital media player (or at least no one was willing to admit it). Steve Jobs became more popular than both Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton last week. Gratz Stevo!

Google Earth Easter Egg: Flight Sim


I recommend you take a flight over Switzerland. The whole country has been photographed in high resolution and the scenery is amazing. There’s snowy mountain peaks, rocky crags and deep green valleys all over the place. I’m amazed at this flight sim – and it’s only going to get better and better as the mapping technology improves.

Checking, Savings and Master Chief


haha great sign but we all know that Master Chief banks at Washington Mutual where there are no charges and no fees!!!