Interview With An Angry Apple Fanboy, Not iPhone Related

A very angry Mr. Nagoo

CG reader, Mr. Nagoo, e-mailed us about his recent run in with Apple’s customer service and he’s pissed. He is downright irate over the way Apple has been treating his recent purchase of a MacBook Pro and rightfully so. I’m pretty disgusted myself. Read on to find out what happened.

CG: So, Mr. Nagoo tell us what happened.

Mr. Nagoo: Figured you guys would find some humor/disgust in my current situation with Apple Customer Service. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro (on Aug 27th) with delivery no later than 9/13. I received an email this morning informing me that it would be another week before I would receive it. This is after calling twice in the past week and being ASSURED that I would receive it by Friday. Now they’re telling me that they have none available for at least a week (after telling me yesterday it would be in my hands, in all of its shiny gloriousness in two days). Imagine my anger when I hear this. Imagine how disgusted I am with their obviously poor inventory management capabilities. Imagine me telling them that they already have enough shit on their plate from angry iPhone early adopters…. From investors who have watched their stock prices fall in the past week… I’m pissed. You guys need a rants/raves section on CG. This would be on there. In full force.

CG: We’ll definitely look into a rants/raves section. I’m sure there are lots of people who have been in your situation before. It’s really unfortunate you had to go through all that. Was the situation resolved? Was there a happy ending?

Mr. Nagoo: Happy ending… I negotiated my way into a brand new one for the same price as the refurbished one… even better? No shipping costs, and I can pick it up from the retail location here in Nagooland.

CG: *high five* That’s pretty bitchin’. I’m glad to hear all of that worked out for you. You must have some mad bargaining skills.

Mr. Nagoo: I’m not going to lie. I do.

Anyone else gone through this sort of ordeal with Apple?


A triumphant Mr. Nagoo