Accounting Company Sues Forum Owner Over Criticism


Whirlpool, a popular Australian broadband news site is being sued by accounting software company 2Clix after messages left in the broadband site’s forum criticized the value of the software.

<sarcasm>Harsh</sarcasm> comments such as…

“The software became such a problem that we threw it out recently … We stuck with it for over two years but in the end the many hundreds of lost hours of work and high stress levels was not worth it.”

…were cited by 2Clix as examples of what has led to “a severe downturn in monthly sales.”

About 30 other comments were cited as well. Whirlpool owner Simon Wright is being sued for “injurious falsehood” to the tune of $150,000 after refusing to remove the comments from his site. Legal experts tend to agree that, unless Wright was purposely trying to damage 2Clix’ reputation by publishing false information, the case would have no legs.

Just to be on the safe side, Wright has asked that, for the time being, Whirlpool users to keep from saying things that might land him in more hot water. The site’s 180,000 users have been donating money to the site to help cover legal costs.

Firm sues forum to silence critics []