SanDisk Brings Back Sansa View To Combat iPod Nano

Though canned after an exciting round at CES, the Sansa View is making a comeback. In an effort to combat the recent iPod announcements that Apple made, SanDisk is looking to strike customers who are on a budget. The new Sansa View will feature a price lower than the Nano’s, which should attract the price-wary consumer. A 16GB model will only set you back $199, while the 8GB model is only $149. Both can do video and music and are said to have around 35 hours of battery life when listening to music.

Each device has a microSD slot in case you really need to cram that last Van Halen album on there. The Sansa View is thin as hell too, with dimensions of 4.29″ x 1.95″ x 0.35″ making it a serious contender against the Nano. So how could Apple possible win this one? Well, between fan-base, quality products, and music management software ala iTunes, Jobs & Co. shouldn’t be worried about SanDisk.