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NFL/DirecTV To (Finally) Stream Games Over The ‘Net


I have Major league Baseball over the Internet and I can see any game and it is only $79 for the whole season. I think if the NFL is going to end up offering this package for over $100 that they will not get very many subscribers. If they ask that much to watch their games I will start watching Soccer and I hate Soccer.

CrunchGear Live: The September 5th Apple Announcement


Possibly the worst live coverage of any event I have ever read.

John Biggs


Sorry. We didn’t see yours. Can you link?

Belkin Condoms For Your New iPods


You know, and this is slightly off-topic, I have to admit I am amazed by Apple’s capabilities to keep new products under the wraps. Sure, there were lots and lots of rumors and some leaked pictures with the usual cease and desist yada yada before the new slew of iPods came out, but still nobody really knew exactly what it was going to be. There are so many people involved in conjuring up a new product, and it must take quite an effort to keep everybody’s mouths shut.

Just look at the camera manufacturers like Sony, Canon, usually there are lots of pictures and specs LONG before the actual announcements, so they don’t seem to have as good of a handle on information leak as Apple does.

However, iPod accessory manufactors like Belkin must have also known about the new products way ahead of the announcements so they could get their new product line designed and produced, and you would think that somewhere some Belkin factory worker does not care much about what his NDA says and puts the exact specs out on a website.

Then again, all the accessory manufacturers know are probably the measurements and where certain openings for headphones, screen size etc. will be, they probably don’t know what it actually looks like or what kind of functionality it has until they see it.

That’s my thoughtful contribution for the day :-)