Scoble's Open Letter to Steve Jobs

hulk_smash_1.jpgOh, Scoble! You and your “talking back to power” jive. See, ever since Steve Jobs broke cover and told iPhone early adopters they could have $100, those selfsame early adopters have been pissed. I see the move as simple economics — the cellphone industry does this all the time. Take a look at the RAZR. When it first came out, you paid $500 for it and now they give them away with a Big Gulps at 7-Eleven. However, Scoble is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more.

What does he want? What we all want: an SDK, video camera, Flash, and Java. He, like Dave Winer, wants a T-shirt. And ice cream. And a hug.

Apple changes things up all the time. How about the poor folks who bought a recently price-reduced Zune? Besides trauma counseling, what do they deserve. Bupkus, right? So suck it up. Pretty soon the iPhone will be $59.99 at iPhone Hut at the mall and then we’ll see where this whole meme leads.

Dear Steve Jobs [Scobleizer]