iPod Touch DOES NOT Have Bluetooth

Joel over at BBG has confirmed that the iPod Touch does not have bluetooth. Bummer. The photo we saw earlier today was not an official Apple image. Sucks. Big time.

Update: Apparently the picture above is legit and it’s still on the US site while it’s been taken off the German site. Who knows what will happen, but we’ll find out once it hits store shelves. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are typically on one chip and some snooping over at the FCC tells me that they only tested Wi-Fi. If Bluetooth is present and if Apple decides to activate it then the FCC will undoubtedly inform the masses. On a side note, some predict that a refresh will come just before Christmas with a bump in size. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m not paying $400 for a 16 gig. That’s the bottom line.

Confirmation: No Bluetooth in iPod Touch [BBG]