Sleek Audio's SA6 Headphones Have Interchangeable Parts


Eli Whitney brought interchangeable parts to the U.S. a few years ago, condemning the South to an agriculture-based economy for much of its history. I doubt Whitney had spiffy-looking headphones in mind back then, though. From Sleek Audio comes the SA6 In-Ear Monitors, a pair of $250 headphones that use interchangeable parts. As the easy-to-follow diagram shows, you’re able to replace five parts including the tip and driver. This system makes is so that you can totally customize your music-listening experience. Listening to hip-hp or house and need more bass? Or what about jazz and rock, where the highs are a little more important? (I think— I’m pretty much exclusive to DJ mixes these days.) Just switch the desired port to your liking—Sleek will sell treble and bass tips alongside the SA6’s release—and you’re good to go.

The headphones will be available something in the third quarter. If you pre-order them now you’ll save $30.

Product Page [Sleek Audio via New Launches]