Mobilised Re-launchised

mobilised.jpgWe’re getting word that social bookmarking site Moblised has re-launched, or should we say re-launchised. The site will allow users to submit and tag links in various ways, while others can vote, comment and save to their favorites. In the future tag links can even be shared with friends, and of course the emphasis of all this is on the mobile Web, so users are “encouraged” to avoid those (i.e. bury) sites not viewable on mobile devices.

Mobilised with have integration with Twitter, and users can submit and tag stories directly from a handset’s browser via SMS. Additionally users can search for links and sort the latest submissions. To vote on a site or bury it is allowed without login/authentication, but could be removed if abused. Not that we expect that to ever happen. Abuse in a social networking site, please!

This is a site that might appeal to those that love to run with the crowd, but whether Mobilised will appeal to the masses still needs to be seen.