Nokia Intros N81 Multimedia Phone

Photos and video by Peter Ha

We love the Nokia N-Series. If you can handle a bulky pocket and don’t insist on a real keyboard (or multi-touch screen), there really is no better way of of converging everything you’d ever want to do in your pocket. Enter the N81. It hits in two versions: One’s got 8-gig of flash, the other relies on your microSD card. Both have got stereo speakers, killer music format support (MP3, AAC, WMA, etc…), suppot for N-Gage games (!), an FM reciever, a sweet “Navi Wheel”, and play video via RealPlayer. All in all: Very nice! No clue on price, but you can bet it won’t be cheap (especially since Nokia is a fan of selling non-contract GSM phones, which means no carrier subsidy.)

Nokia chose to introduce us to this sweet sucker using a boy band-style song. Oh, and look for it in Q4. Hands on pics after the jump.