Reebok Wants You To Get Ready For The Fit, Ride Of Your Life

I had an incredible opportunity to visit the Reebok campus and see what effect the Adidas takeover had on the company and its vision for the future. What they showed me blew my mind. When the Spring ’08 lineup hits stores, you’ll find me first in line somewhere in Manhattan. Two separate lines of running shoes will change your mind about the current state of running shoes and what you’ve been putting on your feet. Reebok is going back to the basics and they’re going to kick some ass. Welcome SmoothFit and HexRide.

We have more information at a Running Gear Review, so check it out. Essentially, these are the most comfortable Reeboks I’ve worn in years — in fact they’re probably the most comfortable running shoes.


RGR Exclusive: Hands On With Reebok’s SmoothFit, HexRide [RunningGearReview]