BioShock Review: Worth the Hype?


I rarely get excited about game titles any more — a Half-Life might get my juices flowing but I’m definitely not going to reserve copies of anything at the local GameStop — which is why I’m really interested in BioShock. It actually seems like a game I could get into, irregardless of the kid, the wife, and the 5 million deadlines looming over me.

The game, available on the 360 and the PC, uses the Unreal 3 engine and describes a community’s descent into genetic failure.

All this story and strong writing wouldn’t matter a bit if the core mechanics weren’t good, but luckily, Bioshock is a very deep game. You’ll encounter more plasmids that you can “load” into your body at one time, meaning you have to make some very hard decisions about what powers you want and when.

It sort of reminds me of Crackdown, but will probably suck less. I haven’t seen the game yet, but it does look nice.

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