Poppet: Not A Small Child From the Victorian Era, Is Actually Useful

We here at CrunchGear fear the elderly and their strange powers, and so we revel in anything that will turn their gimlet eyes from our soft, tasty underbellies and back onto their daily pill ration. To wit: the Poppet, a solution to a fairly big problem.

Folks with arthritis who can’t pop their pills out of the blister-packs they come in can now use the Poppet. It pushes pills into a little tube and then allows you drop the wee fellows into your pill case. The device costs about $7 and is available online.

The device seems pretty darn low-tech, but I guess that’s just what the doctor ordered. If you or someone you know are “old,” perhaps you should look into it. I’m only 32 and I am what is commonly referred to as “approaching middle age and getting fat.”

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