Crucial Makes Picking RAM Easy, Even Your Mom Can Do It


Figuring out what type of RAM you need for your PC or Mac can be a cumbersome task if you don’t know what the difference between DDR and DDR2 is. We’re all bargain shoppers to a certain extent and we want to get the cheapest RAM possible, but unless you or a friend know what you’re doing then you could buy something that won’t even work on your rig and that sucks.

There are varying solutions to this conundrum and Crucial, The Memory Experts, has made it a little bit easier with the ‘Crucial Memory Advisory tool’, which is a 3-step process where you can input the manufacturer, line and model of your system and it spews out exactly what you need. The ‘Crucial System Scanner tool’ does just that and tells you what’s already on your system. Either one works just fine and lets you know within seconds what type of RAM your system needs to stop sucking so bad. Try it out if you’re in dire need of a boost.