Insane LAX Delays Cause by Single Faulty Network Card


Over the weekend, almost 20,000 were stranded in terminals and aboard planes at LAX airport. That sucks. If you’ve ever been stuck at an airport, even for a few moments, you know how bad it gets. For a few hours, I’d start murdering jerks. It’s that bad there.

That’s the news, but how did it happen? A single faulty NIC in a desktop terminal was sending crap data across the network, crippling the whole LAN. It’s not funny, really, but it’s hard not to laugh.

Attention airline operators: this is what you get when you buy from the lowest bidder, in this case Sewart’s PC and Bagel shop, which, while having decent bagels, makes crappy cheap-ass Peecees.

Look for a full audit and upgrade at LAX soon. Poor devils.

LAX outage is blamed on a single computer
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