Blizzard Unveils Second Expansion For World of Warcraft

The Borean Tundra awaits you

Damn you Blizzard. I’m still struggling to get to 70 (I’m 65 and have a life) and now you pull THIS on me? You’re just evil. Seems Blizzard has unveiled a preview of the second World of Warcraft expansion: Wrath of the Lich King! WLK brings a lot of crazy new features that will put Burning Crusade to shame. You’ll now be able to hit level 80 (god help us), play as a Death Knight, quest as a Hero, craft spells, fully-customize characters, and a lot more.

Basically, it’s another 6 months you can kiss goodbye, as well as another $40. I’d love to say I’m excited, but I’m not 70 yet. Until then, you can drool to your heart’s content by clicking the link below.

Official Site