Hate Your Boss?


What started off as a HS prank to piss off my English teacher, Miss Hunt, has spilled over into my cubicle life, rather, did spill over into my cubicle life. But I was using paper clips, pens and rubber bands to piss off co-workers and the occasional paper football. Office workers really do have a full arsenal of weapons at their disposable if they use a bit of creativity. But not everyone is as creative as me, so keep reading to see what else you can pull off in cubicle warfare.

If you’re feeling lazy then skip out on lunch and pick up some random USB powered device like a missile launcher, RC tank, wooden catapult, or a sonic grenade. As Travis puts it,

But let’s say inflicting physical pain isn’t your bag. Have no fear, hippie. The Sonic Grenade is a nice, annoying, pain-free way to pretty much piss off the entire office. It even looks like a real grenade — just pull the pin, roll it into a neighbors cube and wait twenty seconds for a mind-numbing sonic blast. The only way to stop the noise, which will likely drive everyone bat-shit crazy, is to re-insert the pin.

Full Blown Cubicle Warfare [Double Viking]