Virgin America: Best…Airline…EVER


Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin flew on Virgin’s inaugural flight and has posted a great writeup. Oh please, please, please let this be the final blow to Northwest Airlines. I’ve been waiting for those backwards, greedy bastards to go under for years now.

Virgin America has low prices (SF to NY for $278), WiFi access, super comfortable seats, touchscreen infotainment systems built into every headrest, Doom (!), Google Maps, Linux, movies, TV, and soft lighting. Sound familiar? Of course it doesn’t. It’s everything that every other airline is not.

Virgin currently flies (or will fly shortly) between San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas. Hopefully every other city in America will be added in the near future.

Getting high with Richard Branson: Virgin America’s virgin flight [BoingBoing]

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