SMS M500 Goes Into Production


The SMS M500 is a watch. But not just any watch. It’s a quad band GSM/GPRS, touchscreen, Java and WAP enabled watch. It’s what Q would give Bond if MI:6 were really cheap instead of an Omega Seamaster. It’s basically a smartphone for your wrist. Instead of being the guy who’s constantly checking his phone for messages you can just look at your wrist, which is a little more conspicuous when you’re looking for your next SMS booty call. The M500 supports said SMS, MMS, MP3 and MP4 playback, but the 128MB of built-in memory won’t hold diddly-squat. On the brighter side it has USB port for data transfer and recharging as well as Bluetooth 2.0. You really want one, right? Well, it’s finally going into production and begins shipping from the Hong Kong factory August 31st and hits retail stores September 10th. Joy!

Press Release