Macally's TunePro: For Those Of You Who Still Don't Have An iPod Speaker+Dock


I cannot imagine the scenario where someone who wants to buy an iPod speaker+dock doesn’t already have an iPod speaker+dock, so it’s sorta weird that companies keep releasing them. Look at this TunePro one from Macally. Look familiar, I mean, aside from looking like all the other docks out there? Yeah, I thought so. In its defense, there’s a neat little LED display. Other than that, it’s a standard issue: AM/FM radio, line-in jack, compatible with all iPods, etc. $130 if you’re so inclined.

Macally will release an iPhone one of these this fall. Hopefully by then we’ll have new iPods since the 5/5.5G ones are a little long in the tooth nowadays.

Product Page [Macally via Electronista]