Road Warriors Unhappy With Mobile Phone Service

instat1.jpgThe title of the survey only sounds like it could be the script for a post-apocalyptical film set in the outback. But In-Stat’s recent study “Road Warriors 2007: Love Them or Lose Them” actually has some bad news for wireless operators. High average revenue per user (ARPU) customers in North America are unhappy with their service, but is that really a surprise? Over 60% of customers however feel unappreciated, and 80% think providers need to do more.

“The kind of appreciation these users would like to see include loyalty programs where subscribers earn points for awards, free or low-cost directory assistance, and free batteries and travel chargers,” says Bill Hughes, In-Stat analyst. “The good news for operators is that these three awards could be turned into even more revenue. For example, directory assistance directly encourages more calling, and offering more batteries and charging options ensures that heavy users can always make a call.”

Wireless operators may want to take Bill’s advice to heart. If the Road Warrior gets too unhappy some wireless operators may be forced to act in Mel Gibson’s next movie.

    -John Kullman