89% Of America Wants To Ban Texting While Driving


Driving while talking on your cellphone may have risks involved, but it’s still possible to do it safely via one way or another. However, when it comes to texting and driving, that’s just a bad mix no matter how you look at it. My roommate texts and drives all the time, even when he’s doing 80MPH down the BQE. It kind of freaks me out and I just wish he’d wait until we got back home. So is it really a surprise to anyone that 89% of Americans think that texting while driving should be against the law?

According to a survey of 2049 people, adults feel that the act of texting and driving is “distracting and dangerous”. Too bad hypocrisy runs deep in this country, ’cause minutes later 66% of the participants admitted to texting while driving. Hell, if this many people are doing it, maybe I should start texting while judo-kicking. It’s completely wreck-less and I have a good chance of hurting someone while doing it!

89% of Americans Want Texting While Driving Outlawed [Gizmodo]