Take Out A Loan: Ultimate Ears 11 Pro Earphones Cost $1,150


OK Mister I-spend-over-$1K-on-headphones, here’s a fancy pair to rub in your poor friends’ faces. The Ultimate Ears 11 Pro—the company’s “best custom monitors yet”—have four (!) individual speakers inside each bud, in addition to a dual-driver subwoofer and magic pixie dust. Like most UE earphones, the UE 11s can be custom made to fit the exact shape of your ear. For such earphones, you’ll need to part with $1,150. Chump change…

Actually, I own a pair of the super.fi 5 pro jawns, and while $250 seemed like a lot to spend for a pair of earphones (or headphones for that matter), they are, without question, the best I’ve ever used. Now that I’m into house music (::siren::), I do have my eyes on the super.fi 5 EBs. If only I had money.

Product Page [Ultimate Ears via Sci Fi Tech]