Hump Day is gone. Long live the day before Friday! I like to call it “Thursday”. Here are three funny and/or provocative comments for your perusal. Enjoy!

Johnal, on the subject of Geek Squad:

“Fabio, Geek Squad, and Robert Stephens — Real?…or maybe a precursor to the next terrorist attack as planned by Satan himself!? only time will tell…”

plkrtn on the subject of Eminem being a ‘tard.

“Ok… so Eminem appeared in an iTunes + iPod advert, actively promoting his songs on the platform (in particular promoting his greatest hits album that was out at the time). This was after they settled out of court for using his song in an advert… This advert I mention actively featured Eminem in the advert… Now hes suing them for selling the songs that he himself promoted????

Anyone else hearing the word frivolous??”

Anton on the subject of Futurama:

“Hehe I love the idea of HD animation. ‘Just draw it bigger Ken.'”

Great comments everyone, keep ’em coming!