Prexar Mobile Picks Up the Amp’d Pieces

prexarMobile.jpgYesterday Prexar Mobile, a provider of wireless voice, messaging and data services, announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire the strategic wireless assets of Amp’d Mobile. Customes will continue to get uninterrupted wireless service.

“Amp’d Mobile worked diligently on an agreement that would guarantee continuity of service for their former customers and a way to seamlessly transition to a compelling offering with the same rewarding user experience they have always enjoyed,” said Bill Fogg, CEO of USA Telephone. “We have a proven track record in delivering reliable phone service to customers nationwide, and believe we can, going forward, offer a full-featured, content-rich mobile service built around each user’s unique and demanding communications lifestyle.”

Amp’d Mobile customers will be able to use existing handsets, and can choose from a suite of calling and text plans. How Prexar plans to turn around the Amp’d business, which was aimed at younger mobile users, is yet to be seen.

Prexar Mobile