Lossless Bluetooth Audio By 2008

bluetoothIf you use a Bluetooth-enabled audio device to listen to music, you might be interested to know that the files that stream from point A to point B get compressed along the way. So if you have an MP3 file (that’s already been compressed once), it gets smooshed down again as it flies through the air with the greatest of A2DP ease. That’s why Bluetooth audio gets a bad rap.

A Seattle-based company called OINA (Open Interface North America) has developed a lossless Bluetooth audio codec that manages to strike the delicate balance between high quality and low power consumption. Best of all, it requires only a tiny amount of extra bandwidth compared to Bluetooth’s current audio codec and it can be implemented as a firmware upgrade.

Look for it to start appearing in Bluetooth 2.0 devices in 2008.

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