Futurama Makes Its Triumphant Return November 27


I know this is neither gear or gadget, but it’s sweet nerd news and let’s face it, you people are nerds. Mark November 27 on your calendar and clear out your entire schedule because Futurama is making a return to the small screen. It won’t be joining Family Guy on FOX, though. Comedy Central will be its new home and the first four episodes will actually be released on DVD as features with “Bender’s Big Score” being the first.

Reruns will begin airing on CC starting January 1, 2008 with new episodes to follow. The original cast, writers and artists are back on board and the new episodes will include more nudity AND animation takes a step up to HD. A nude Leela in HD could be interesting if you’re into purple-haired cyclopes.

‘Futurama’: Now with more cartoon nudity [Zap2it]