"Cavemen" And Other Sure-To-Be Fall TV Hits Already Leaked Online

“Cavemen.” It was leaked and it sucks.

“Son of a submariner!” That’s an expletive certain to be heard in the greater Hollywood area when TV execs find out that many of their upcoming TV shows, scheduled to debut this fall, have already leaked online. I mean, they all probably suck to high heaven, but that’s besides the point. Such works of art as NBC’s “Bionic Woman,” about a young girl’s strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk, and ABC’s “Cavemen,” a laughable attempt to address the racial prejudices the Geico cavemen face in everyday life (real brave, Hollywood…), are on sites like The Pirate Bay.

Hollywood suits expect more shows to be leaked in wake of last week’s Comic-Con, that oasis for nerds.

Informal survey alert: Raise your hand if you’re A) surprised to hear that the shows have leaked or B) that the shows suck? Some choice comments on “Cavemen” include:

• “This show is going to fail miserably. I wanted to stop watching 5 minutes in it was so bad.”

• “This wont go past season 1 unless they get better material.”

• “The NAACP is going to be pretty peeved over this show. Its all just recycled black jokes but they replace the “n” word with “caveman”. Actually, its not just the jokes, but the whole premise is that way.”

• “Unfortunate, this show is a piece of crap. I really hope it doesn’t get picked up. If they reshoot the pilot they’ll have to change the entire premise. The “race card” joke got old after the first 2 minutes. After 5 it was just offensive. I’m white myself and normally I don’t care for the PC police… but jeez this is just modern day blackface. And it’s not even remotely funny. Cro magger.. uh huh.”

• “This show sucked. It’s a rasist piece of crap.”

Wow, they’re complaining that a show they’ve downloaded for free sucks. Good one, ABC. Keep producing absolute garbage…

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