Apple's Bluetooth Headset For The iPhone Isn't So Hot


Matt says the iPhone quote-kicks ass-unquote, but folks aren’t too hot on Apple’s iPhone Bluetooth headset. For $130, you’ll get the headset, USB charger and iPhone dock. … And that’s about it. The headset accomplishes only the most minimal of tasks: you can talk to your dopey friends on it. You cannot listen to music (no A2DP support here) on it, nor can you listen to any audio other than phone calls. Revolutionary though the iPhone may be, Apple’s Bluetooth headset doesn’t impress.


Perhaps Apple’s Bluetooth headset suffers from being an Apple product in that we expect it to be better than average. But it isn’t. It’s just a standard, if not aesthetically appealing, headset. Yes, it gets the job done, but considering that part (all?) of the iPhone’s appeal stems from its fancy-pants touchscreen, then you’ll see why the headset isn’t more engaging. Lose the touchscreen, and it’s just another AT&T cellphone.

Can’t win ’em all, Apple.

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