SMS, She Is Dying


Research firm Gartner is predicting that SMS will become obsolete or at the very least become insignificant by 2010. Duh. The report may only apply in Australia, but it isn’t very hard to see the correlation here in the U.S.

Mobile e-mail is becoming more prevalent every day with Joe Shmoe picking up a BlackBerry or some other smartphone with e-mail capabilities. You may be led to believe differently with Verizon reporting 10 billion text messages sent/received in June, but that’s only because they charge you up the ying-yang for e-mail usage.

In any case, cheaper texting plans have probably cut down minutes used, it has for me, but e-mail is the easiest way to go and it’s cheaper. Not everyone can whip out their mobile phone at work and text away without managers getting fussy, but you sure can e-mail to your hearts content whenever you please.

For SMS, the days are numbered [Sydney Morning Herald]