Balmer, Microsoft Hell-Bent On Not Sucking At Ad Game

ballmerSome would argue that coming after Google’s online advertising crown might be an exercise in futility. Yet that’s what Microsoft’s gunning for, according to mild-mannered Steve Ballmer.

And don’t think that Microsoft is trying to simply slice itself the tiniest sliver of the pie like your typical type-A friend that eats vicariously through everyone else, no sir. Microsoft wants to be the Doug Heffernan of online advertising.

“We are hell-bent and determined to allocate the talent, the resources, the money, the innovation to absolutely become a powerhouse in the ad business,” says Ballmer.

I’ve learned that when Steve Ballmer starts getting riled up about something, it’s usually because Microsoft’s getting pantsed by a more agile, innovative competitor. With Google way out in front with a 57.4% share of web searches, Yahoo! a distant second at 22.9%, and Microsoft pulling up the rear with a measly 8.8%, the boys and girls in Redmond are going to have an uphill battle, hell-bent or not.

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