PSP Firmware Hits 3.52, Better PSone Support


Mere moments after releasing firmware version 1.90 for the PS3, Sony has given us PSP firmware version 3.52. And what, pray tell, does this update include?

The number of PlayStation Network titles that can be played under [game] has increased

Yeah, wow. If you’re cool like me then you’re already running custom firmware and have been able to play all (?) PSone games on the portable system for some time now.

This update is even more troublesome because it’s the first (I think, my memory’s pretty terrible) to hit the scene since Dark Alex’s exit. (Dark Alex was the guy who kept cracking Sony’s updates and giving us “open firmwares.”) Apparently some other group has taken over, but I honestly have zero faith in full-on scene groups these days.

PSP firmware 3.52 ready for download [PSP Updates]