Mobile Viewers Open to Ads

While many people go out of their way to avoid advertising on TV, either by using DVRs to fast forward through the commercials, or by using that time to hit the bathroom and/or kitchen, many mobile TV viewers are actually willing to watch the ads on their phones. According to a new study by Telephia nearly half of the mobile video subscribers polled said that they were willing to view ads on their mobile handsets, at least if they could get some content of some value.

Mobile TV and video subscription revenues have grown nearly 200 percent year-over-year to $146 million in the first quarter of this year, and Telephia says that nearly 8.4 million wireless customers now subscribe to some form of mobile video. This represents nearly four percent of all U.S. mobile subscribers. And 55 of those polled for the survey said they recalled watching a mobile ad something in the last 30 days! So anyone who says traditional ad spots are dead should give mobile a chance.

[Via RCR News]