Sprint, Trimble Outdoors Bundle Up Some GPS Goodness

gwg-compass-navigation-arriving.gifIf you’re on Sprint/Nextel, have one of their 12 GPS-enabled phones and you often find yourself wandering around in the great outdoors (and not just hanging out in men’s bathrooms at the park, Nicholas), the Trimble GPS app bundle is worth the $6.99 a month. The package hooks you up with three of the company’s mobile GPS solutions: AllSport GPS, Geocache Navigator and Trimble Outdoors. The combo is pretty fantastic letting you monitor your fitness goals, use your phone for geocaching and navigation and outdoor trip planning, mapping and GPS navigation. Hit the jump for more details on the apps or click here.

AllSport GPS
With the AllSport GPS application, mobile phone users looking to jumpstart or maintain their fitness routine can track exercise activity by monitoring time, speed, calories burned, and distance traveled during outdoor workouts. Additionally, users may download map images and recommended routes to their phones, view performance statistics, and store workouts to monitor progress or share with friends. The application supports a variety of outdoor activities including walking, running, cycling and mountain biking.

Geocache Navigator
Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt that is rapidly gaining widespread adoption with consumers worldwide. Geocache Navigator is the only application that brings geocaching capabilities to the mobile phone. Subscribers’ phones are seamlessly connected to the largest geocaching database in the world. Using their GPS phone, geocachers can seek the caches using a uniquely constructed, radar-like interface that guides them toward their destination. Additionally, phone screens provide compass-based navigation, maps, speed, heading, location, distance, cache descriptions logs, hints and other useful information for both the most experienced and novice user.

Trimble Outdoors
Trimble Outdoors is a complete outdoor trip planning and navigation solution that allows consumers to review and plan trips online, send routes, maps and waypoints wirelessly to their GPS phone and then use the phone to guide their adventures. The application allows users to get maps of their locations, track routes with a GPS bread-crumb trail, and mark and edit waypoints along the way. The application also features a digital compass displaying the user’s coordinates, speed and heading. Users can also leverage the multi-media components of their phones to create photographic, video and audio notes of their trips for sharing online and viewing in Google Earth.