MSMv2.0 Hits Helio And It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Earlier today I hinted that Helio might be releasing some mind blowing new features in the coming weeks and lookie lookie what I found while tinkering with my Ocean. MySpace Mobile 2.0 has been released and it’s made the MySpace experience on a mobile so simple that even a monkey could use it. A stupid monkey!

Everything from posting bulletins to editing your profile to uploading pictures taken with your Ocean have become so easy that you’ll never want to MySpace from your computer ever again. I’m sure this is the first of many hot new features to come from Helio and if you’ve been contemplating making the switch or you were worried about Helio not being around for the long haul then here are some fun facts that should sway your opinion. I’ve switched from T-Mobile and my beloved Sidekick3 with no regrets if that means anything to you.

Helio reached 100k members in Q2 that actually pay their bills unlike another MVNO that just filed for Chapter 11, *cough*Amp’d*cough*, and users are taking advantage of the data services juiced by the EV-DO network.

* Members generate over 550 text messages per month on average
* 90% of members access the Web through their mobile device versus an industry average of 13%
* Members consistently surf the Web to the tune of over 420 million page views
* MySpace on Helio’s WAP service logged over 170 million page views
* Members are sharing their experiences in real time, uploading photos from their device to the Web at a rate three times the industry average

The plans are cheap and you really don’t have any excuses left.