Keen vs. Weinberger: The Plot (by Amateurs) Against America


Why is this man smiling?

I was on my way to the outhouse with some print-outs of the WSJ opinion page — the newsprint version is too harsh — when I noticed an interview between Andrew Keen, writer of The Cult of the Amateur, and David Weinberger, author of Everything is Miscellaneous.

Mr. Keen’s argument runs in the cranky old man watching Elvis on Ed Sullivan vein. He believes blogging and all this Web 2.0 razamatazz is a bunch of Commie hoo-ha and in his day you used to have to go to the library to look up the long-winded ramblings of an accredited critic, scientist, or guy-who-writes-encylopediast to get information on a topic, not some hoopty-doopty hippity hoppity kid out in Kansas with a keyboard and some moxie, by gum, whose only interests include letting dogs pee on Mr. Keen’s lawn and preventing him from getting a good night’s sleep thanks to all the Web 2.0 bordello parties they’re having down the street. Mr. Weinberger thinks Web 2.0 is cool.

Watch the sparks fly as these two UFC-certified intellectuals spar on Murdoch’s future dumping ground. Roar!

The Good, the Bad, And the ‘Web 2.0’ [WSJ]