iPhone Hacked to Work on Vodafone Network?


Something very strange and wonderful is going on over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Apparently, one of their readers has managed to get the iPhone to work on Europe’s Vodafone network.

Using an application called iASign and a prepaid AT&T card, he was able to get Vodafone to change his contract to recognize a special code tied to the AT&T sim card (called a USIM number) by bringing in an old o2XDA with the prepaid sim card inside it. Then when he got back home, he popped the card out of the o2 phone and into the iPhone and, shazaam, it worked. Something like that.

This has sparked a fair amount of internet nerd rage over at the #iphone IRC channel because it’s not supposed to work. The reader claims that it does indeed work, except for the visual voicemail.

The post has been updated a couple of times already, so there might be more information trickling out as this story develops further.

UK iPhone reportedly functioning with Vodafone [tuaw.com]