Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 Coming To Mac

A few years ago, if someone said “You can’t use a Mac as a gaming machine!”, I’d reply “Yeah, I’ll give you that one.” Alas, things have changed dramatically since then. The now-Intel-based Macs are faster than ever and more and more games are finding their way to OS X. Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein has now revealed that the highly anticipated Unreal Tournament 3 will be coming to the Mac along with Gears of War.

In an interview with Rein, the VP let news of the Mac versions slip, then quickly confirmed that both titles would indeed be making their way to Mac. This brings a new wind of change to the gaming world, showing that Apple can indeed have games running amuck on its hardware, not to mention that it’s some decent hardware to boot. No official release date has been given for either title but a holiday launch is possible. We’ll keep ya updated for sure.

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