Vodafone Denies Verizon Takeover Rumors

Early this morning, news of Vodafone’s interest in Verizon Communications started to percolate. Now Vodafone is denying that it’s interested in a $160 billion takeover of the company, which would give it a market cap of near $300 billion. FYI, Vodafone is a partner with Verizon Communications. They formed this little company you may have heard of mdash; Verizon Wireless, in which Vodafone owns a 45 percent stake.

The Financial Times says that the deal is vaporware for now, yet it also states that the plan has been talked about in the past few weeks. Imagine having the power of Vodafone’s 3G with Verizon’s “Most Reliable Network”. Instant cellphone bliss.

Vodafone Denies It’s Considering a $160B Bid for Verizon [Seeking Alpha]