TiVo's Ratings Service Might Help Bury Bad Commercials


TiVo is introducing an interesting twist to the television-ratings game with a new service called Stop||Watch. Basically, the commercials that get watched and rewound the most win out over the commercials that get skipped the most.

Results will be made available on a monthly basis. Categories include Top Total Viewing Commercials compared with Total Viewing of Top Programs, Time Shifted Commercials compared with Time-shifted Programs, and Least Fast-forwarded Brand Campaigns.

If advertising firms pay attention to these reports (and they should), wouldn’t it be great to slowly see crappy commercials erode away over time due to low ratings?

So long, Budweiser commercials featuring Carlos Mencia! So long, FreeCreditReport.com! So long, Jared!

TiVo Stop||Watch Press Release