Marketers Realizing That Second Life Ain't Worth the Trouble

Yeah… not exactly high-end shoppers

Second Life may be headed toward a virtual market crash. Marketers and traditional retailers like the Aloft hotel chain are finding out that SL users don’t necessarily translate to real world customers. (Tell us something we didn’t know.) They’re also finding out that when SL users buy items for use in the online world, they’re mainly buying unorthodox items like “marital aides” and furry alternative lifestyle accessories. You know, things real businesses have no stomach for.

The SL users are also said to be skittish on their whole fantasy world being invaded by “The Man.” I did a small research thing on the game last year and noticed that same mentality. So if advertisers were looking to make a quick buck (or Linden dollar) off the game’s popularity—the number of active users is also in dispute, further putting off advertisers and companies—they may have to think again.

I propose we let the SL weirdos exist all by their lonesome and stick to advertising during prime time.

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