Nyko Wii Party Station


I think Nyko is pretty aware of its target demographic. Let’s see: they play games in small groups, hence charging stations for four Wiimotes. Then they have a strange little scoring read-out so one of the players — the one who loves numbers — can keep score. Then it has four white drink cups and a chip dish. Finally, it has a hand dryer. Nyko, in a nutshell, has described all the things I needed as a child. Yes, I was (was! Ha!) a fat, sweaty videogame-addicted twerp with a friend who was seriously OCD about numbers and I had at most four friends at any one time. The party station will be $24.99, priced just at that sweet spot between “Christmas Money” and “Grandma PLEASE!”

E3 2007: Nyko Wii Party Station [IGN]